There is hardly anyone who has not collected something in their life, I suppose. There is a spark of collector in our souls, which bursts into a long-lasting flame, an interest of a fully-fledged collector. It was so in my case. I started with an accidental postcard, and then the time came for searching flea markets, antique shops and internet auctions. That it is how my hobby started, to become my life passion: collecting Orthodox churches on old postcards. My collection grew in years. Then a question cropped up: what next? Should my collection be kept from public view and end with my life? Definitely not. Therefore, this website was created – to display my collection, reaching the largest possible audience. That is how I gathered a collection of the iconography of Orthodox churches in Poland represented on old postcards, which were issued until 1945. Each church has been assigned to a specific locality. A short description, including bibliography, has been added for further information. My wish is that this site encompasses the iconography of all Orthodox churches in Poland. However, I am not able to rise to the challenge on my own. Anyone willing to contribute is welcome – please send scanned photographs with descriptions and they will be posted in the gallery. On the other hand, if you would like to make use of any postcards placed in the website, I will be of service.
But now let’s go on a journey to the past… Please take a look at the pictures.

Aleksander Sosna